Bonus & pay issues

Pay is not just what puts food on people’s tables and clothes on their backs. It is also a mark of their progress, their status and their level of esteem within the organisation and the world beyond. No wonder then, that pay can give rise to a few legal issues now and then!

Pay is also a key management tool – but it needs to be wielded with care. Decisions on pay and/or bonus can make the difference between retaining key people and losing them. Adverse decisions which are not backed up with sound reasoning can lead to expensive legal challenges.

We regularly assist employers in the following ways:

  • Drafting clear contractual wording for pay and discretionary or contractual bonus or commission schemes
  • Advising on the legal aspects of pay structures, including as regards potential equal pay claims
  • Advising on the reasoning behind potentially contentious pay and bonus decisions
  • Advising on pay restructuring, for example where the pay structure is no longer affordable or no longer aligned with the needs of the business
  • Advising on National Minimum Wage issues, including as regards interns, volunteers and staff living or sleeping on the employer’s premises
  • Advising on deductions from wages, including as regards cash shortages and stock deficiencies in the retail sector
  • Advising on pay in the context of industrial action
  • Advising on salary sacrifice schemes
  • Advising on holiday and sick pay issues
  • Advising on tronc schemes and tips
  • Defending and/or settling all pay-related claims in the Courts and Tribunals