Contracts, policies & procedures

The contract of employment is at the root all employment relationships. If it is not suitable for the job, unclear or too inflexible, you can be sure that problems will arise. We believe in using plain, straightforward English. We draft clear contracts of employment to fit with the organisation and the jobs involved.

The same applies to policies and procedures. Some employers get tied up in knots by their own procedures, often because they are too complex. Policies can be useful in ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them – but only if they are clear and well-communicated. If people understand why a policy has been introduced as well as the content of the policy itself, they are far more likely to stick to it.

Policies and procedures are very often conveniently set out in a staff handbook. The staff handbook should reflect the positive culture and priorities of the organisation, as well as containing rules and procedures.

Policies and procedures should usually be expressed not to be part of the contract of employment. This is because contracts are much more difficult to change than non-contractual policies. Policies may well need to be reviewed and up-dated on a regular basis, as the business and the environment in which it operates changes. You can (and should) include a contractual term which requires employees to comply with the policies of the employer as introduced or amended from time to time. So, the policies can be enforced, but flexibility to changes them without having to change the contracts has been built in.

We regularly assist employer clients in the following ways:

  • Drafting clear contracts of employment, policies and procedures (and staff handbooks), tailored for the organisation and the kind of jobs involved;
  • Advising on the implementation of changes to contracts of employment, policies and procedures;
  • Advising on the application and enforcement of key contractual terms, policies and procedures (for more detail on particular aspects, please scroll through the employer pages on this site).
  • Defending and/or settling all contract and policy-related claims in the Courts and Tribunals.