Discipline & grievance

Dealing with discipline & grievance issues effectively is important for the smooth running of any organisation. Turning a blind eye or allowing issues to fester will cause greater problems for the future. Charging in “all guns blazing”, on the other hand, is also inviting trouble.

Disciplinary and grievance matters often include hidden traps for the unwary, including potential discrimination, harassment, victimisation and/or bullying claims.

We regularly assist employers by:

  • Drafting clear and workable policies and procedures, tailored to the organisation. An ill-fitting, “off-the-shelf” procedure is often likely to make matters worse rather than help you resolve them
  • Providing guidance on the application of procedures, by telephone and e-mail. This includes, for example, guidance within the context of your business on when to apply formal disciplinary procedures and at what level, advice on the practicalities of investigations and guidance on what sanctions to apply
  • Advising on how to deal with disputes between employees, which cause disruption to the business
  • Providing draft letters and e-mails for you to send to employees involved in disciplinary and grievance matters
  • Providing guidance on the conduct of disciplinary and grievance meetings and hearings, including draft scripts suggesting the areas to be covered and the questions to be asked
  • Providing training for managers on the legal aspects of disciplinary and grievance matters.
  • Advising on dismissals for disciplinary offences
  • Advising on dealing with the fall-out from grievances, when relationships between employees are often under great strain.