Performance & absence

Failure to manage employee performance and absence properly inevitably leads to serious business and legal problems.

Those who are working hard and performing well can often become disillusioned if their efforts are not recognised.

Those who are performing inadequately can become deluded into thinking that they are making a useful contribution. If some people are allowed to get away with poor performance or absence records, resentment from others can grow and the problem can spread. Trying to tackle issues in a hurry at a late stage inevitably leads to accusations of unfairness and often of unlawful discrimination.

We find that the key points to bear in mind when dealing with these issues are:

  • straightforward and honest communications between managers and employees – this usually involves a system of 1:1 informal feedback meetings held on a regular and fairly frequent basis throughout the year;
  • a rapid response when problems arise, taking into account any support that the individual may need but focussing on the needs of the business.

We regularly assist employers in this area by:

  • Drafting clear and workable policies and procedures, tailored to the organisation.
  • Providing guidance on the application of procedures, by telephone and e-mail. This includes, for example, guidance on when to apply formal procedures and at what level, advice on the practicalities of performance measures and guidance on what action to take
  • Providing draft letters and e-mails for you to send to employees involved in performance and absence issues
  • Providing training for managers on the legal aspects of performance and absence matters