Recruiting the right people on the right terms is vital for any organisation. Recruitment is a stage at which a lot can go badly wrong from both legal and operational perspectives and so it is important to ensure that:

  • Advertisements and job specs are clearly and carefully drafted, avoiding any implication of unlawful discrimination
  • Interviews and other selection processes are fair and objective and do not unlawfully discriminate
  • The right people are involved in (and buy into) the recruitment decision
  • In particular, that issues concerning health, family life, culture and lifestyle are treated sensitively
  • Any offers are made subject to contract and to appropriate conditions, such as immigration checks, references, freedom from previous employers’ contractual restrictions and, where appropriate, probationary periods
  • Immigration checks are made, references are taken up and other due diligence is carried out
  • No promises are made or expectations created that cannot be fulfilled
  • Employment terms are suitable and in accordance with the pay and benefits structure of the organisation
  • Objectives are clear and any initial support needs are in place.

Our assistance to employers in this area includes:

  • Advising and training managers on the legal aspects of recruitment
  • Drafting offer letters and contracts of employment
  • Advising in relation to specific issues, such as health, disability and childcare issues
  • Advising in relation to the withdrawal of offers when necessary
  • Defending employers against claims arising from recruitment exercises, including unlawful discrimination claims.