Redundancy & reorganisation

Organisations have to be able to adapt to different business circumstances and to change shape. Some activities may have to contract from time to time for a variety of reasons, such as market pressures, cost increases or changes in strategy. Other activities may need to relocate or reorganise to grow, so that people are deployed in different jobs or under different contractual terms. Sometimes businesses cease to be viable and have to close altogether.

We provide guidance for employers as to how to implement such changes to minimise legal risk. In our experience, careful planning, awareness of the pitfalls and clear communications are the keys to successful implementation.

The assistance that we provide employers in this area regularly includes:

  • advising on redundancy or reorganisation proposals and procedures, including with regard to the rationale and the proposed timescale
  • providing guidance on any collective information and consultation requirements
  • drafting consultation papers to assist with collective and direct staff consultation
  • advising on selection pools, criteria and processes
  • advising on handling issues that arise during consultation
  • advising on voluntary redundancies
  • advising on redundancy packages
  • defending and/or settling claims arising from redundancy or reorganisation issues where necessary