Boardroom disputes

Compared with other employment-related disputes, disputes at Board level typically have added importance and extra dimensions. The future (or at least the future direction) of the organisation may beat stake.

Relations with shareholders and other stakeholders, directors’ duties, Companies Act obligations and/or regulatory requirements may require careful consideration.

We have substantial experience of dealing successfully with all such issues on behalf of executives in a wide variety of contexts, including in the banking and financial services sectors, listed companies, privately-owned businesses (including companies with private equity investors), professional services firms, universities and colleges, public sector organisations (such as non-departmental public bodies) and charities.

Our work for executives in this area includes:

  • assessing and distilling the issues
  • advising in relation to the legal, regulatory, practical and strategic aspects
  • assisting with the formulation and execution of a strategy todeal with the issues
  • acting for executives in bringing, defending and settling claims in relation to Boardroom issues