Family & work-life issues

Everyone must, of course, have a life outside work. Senior executives positions can involve long hours and substantial pressures. However, an excessive focus on work can have a seriously detrimental impact on health and family and other relationships.

Some aspects of life outside work have statutory protection and underpinning. These include:

  • rights to maternity (and adoption) leave and pay (and to return to work after maternity leave)
  • rights to parental leave and pay
  • the right to paternity leave
  • the right to take time off to deal with family emergencies
  • the right to request flexible working

As well as specific statutory duties, employers have more general duties to take reasonable steps to ensure that a lack of work-life balance does not impair the health or safety of employees.

Our work for executives in this area includes:

  • advising in relation to the various statutory rights and general duties referred to above
  • providing practical advice and assistance to executives who feel that their work-life balance may not be healthy and/or that their employer may not be acting in accordance with the rights and duties referred to above
  • assisting executives to deal with such issues informally and/or under internal procedures
  • acting for executives in claims for breaches of such rights and duties where necessary.