Grievances can arise in a wide variety of different circumstances during the course of an employment relationship. You may be passed over for promotion, you may not receive the bonus or pay rise that you feel you deserve and you may be treated badly by someone in an influential position. How you deal with such issues can have an important impact on your relationship with the organisation and on your career.

It is often helpful to be able to discuss the issues with an experienced legal adviser. This can help to identify the options and formulate and execute an effective strategy.

Our work for executives in this area includes:

  • Assessing and distilling the issues
  • Advising on strategy
  • Advising in relation to participation in any grievance proceedings and the potential alternatives
  • Acting and advising in relation to any “off the record” settlement discussions which may take place
  • Advising in relation to any potential regulatory or other external implications
  • Providing guidance and assistance with the conduct of grievance proceedings and hearings, including drafting statements collating relevant documents
  • Providing guidance and assistance with appeals against grievance decisions where necessary
  • Acting for executives bringing legal claims in respect of issues which are not resolved satisfactorily through internal and/or informal means