Redundancy & reorganisation

Facing potential redundancy has become an occupational hazard, as organisations try to adapt to fast-changing and often challenging economic conditions. From a personal perspective it can be very difficult, particularly if you feel that you have made a major contribution to the organisation and/or if the external job market is not looking favourable. Sometimes an alleged redundancy can be a cover for some other reason, which may mean that the dismissal may be an unfair dismissal and/or be otherwise unlawful, for example as a result of discrimination.

We provide guidance, support and advice for executives in this kind of situation. In some cases, it is possible to come through the process with the executive’s position unscathed, or even enhanced. In other cases, the most realistic approach may be to seek to negotiate the best possible exit terms. Sometimes it may be advisable to challenge the employer’s unlawful use of redundancy procedures, through any available internal appeal mechanisms and ultimately through the Courts and Tribunals.

The assistance that we provide executives in this area includes:

  • Advising on strategy when first alerted to a redundancy situation
  • Assessing the situation and potential outcome(s)
  • Advising in relation to participation in any proposed redundancy consultation and/or selection processes
  • Acting and advising in relation to any negotiations which may take place
  • Providing guidance and assistance with internal appeals where necessary
  • Acting for executives bringing legal claims in respect of redundancy decisions, including wrongful and unfair dismissal, and claims under the whistleblowing and discrimination legislation