Internal mediation

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process under which a trained neutral person seeks to help disputing parties to resolve the issues by mutual agreement.

Disputes which arise between colleagues can often escalate into formal grievances, disciplinary matters and legal claims. These can cost employers greatly in terms of productivity losses, negative impact on other staff and their morale, reputation and legal costs and liabilities.

Mediation at an early stage can often help employers to resolve such disputes between colleagues, whether at the same of different levels in the organisation. In many cases, this enables good and productive working relationships to be restored, avoiding any need for internal grievance or other processes and/or external legal proceedings.

Where we act for the employer or an individual party to an internal dispute, we can provide practical guidance and support in the use of mediation and can recommend suitable mediators.

Where we do not act for any party to the dispute, we can provide an accredited mediator to help resolve it.