Representing parties

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process under which a trained neutral person seeks to help disputing parties to resolve the issues by mutual agreement.

We often assist parties in mediations, including accompanying them to the mediation itself. We find that thorough preparation is vital achieving a successful outcome in a mediation. This includes a strategic assessment of the positions of all parties to the dispute, especially the areas of particular sensitivity and anticipation of any likely challenges to our client’s position.

At the mediation itself, we help our clients to express their interests and proposals persuasively and robustly and to deal with any challenges which may be thrown at them. We are always mindful that settlement does not have to be reached and that our client can ultimately walk away from the negotiating table if acceptable terms are not reached. We are also mindful that mediation represents a potential opportunity to reach terms of settlement which may be in our client’s best interests.