Recruiting partners

Recruiting the right people on the right terms is vital for any organisation. Recruiting the right partners/LLP members is even more crucial. One wrong recruit can cause immense damage to a firm’s business, while strong recruits can provide the impetus for positive change. There are also legal pitfalls that firms can easily fall into if sufficient care is not taken, particularly with regard to unlawful discrimination and health.

Our assistance to partnerships & LLPs in this area includes:

  • Advising and training firms on the legal aspects of recruitment
  • Advising firms on due diligence with regard to prospective partnership/LLP member recruits
  • Drafting partnership/LLP member offers to dovetail with the partnership/LLP agreement
  • Advising in relation to the withdrawal of offers when necessary
  • Advising in relation to dealing with performance and/or conduct issues following recruitment
  • Defending firms against claims arising from recruitment exercises, including unlawful discrimination claims.